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Looking for the best wine and spirits importer in Finland? Then you might want to stop right here and learn more about us, Norex Selected Brands. We are your guide and expert on the Finnish retail, wholesale, HoReCa and duty free scene. We navigate the products all the way from producers to the end consumer. In between we serve and train our restaurant customers, keep monopoly staff informed and duty free operators aware of our partners and their selections. The strength of the company lies in the Family. Norex was founded by the first generation in 1981. Cherishing the family business values still with second generation in the lead: looking for the best long term solutions for both the company and its partners.


Piispansilta 9 B, 3rd floor, 
Iso Omena Shopping Center, 02230 Espoo, FINLAND

Tel: +3589 525 9370 

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    The product team has extremely comprehensive experience in alcohol beverages and the industry. Some have previously worked as buyers in the monopoly Alko or the airline company Finnair, many of them have experience also from working in the monopoly stores in the past.  They make sure the right products from your selection are available for right customers, all info for offers is collected and samples are coordinated. Together with sales and marketing they brainstorm to define  the best channels and ways to promote existing products. And they are very active in presenting new ideas to the monopoly product category team. The track record in new listings is quite impressive too. 

    Skilled tasters and passionate about great wines and spirits! 

    olli lindsten

    Olli Lindsten

    Commercial Director

    Olli is a seasoned professional and the supervisor of our product management team. He has a knack of re-working data, giving his colleagues useful additional information. In addition to the management and development of the entire product manager team’s activities, Olli’s areas of responsibility include travel trade and product training for the staff. He is also an important sparring partner for sales.


    Suvi Sinivirta

    Sales Director, Alko

    Suvi is responsible for our connections to Alko, the Finnish alcohol monopoly. She exudes warmth, and this love and passion shows in her work with producers, other stakeholders and Norex colleagues alike. She is extremely marketing orientated, putting out new ideas left and right. Her colleagues can enjoy her great ideas when she plans our office parties and other refreshing experiences for the Norex team.   


    matti hirvonen

    Matti Hirvonen

    Product Manager, Spirits

    Matti is a constant team player, well immersed in all aspects of the drinks industry. During the years he has worn many hats, giving him numerous skills and versatility. Attacking any problem head on and with a smile, this curly head centerfield can be found making new strategies with customers and producers alike. Matti is part of the product manager team but is also in charge of developing the Norex portfolio in the grocery store segment.  


    Andreas Fanta

    Product Manager, Wines

    Andreas is the one that can always make everyone laugh. He’s good at innovations and having ideas for new products. His great personality fills the room, making him a perfect hoast for trade fairs and other customer events. 


    Elina Salminen

    Product Manager, Wines

    Elina is a warm-hearted and skilled professional with 15 years of experience in the wine industry. Her passion for wine is evident through her sharp palate, fluent Italian language proficiency, innovative mindset, and willingness to embrace new challenges.


    Marika Makkonen

    Product Manager, Spirits

    Marika has a cheerful nature which you can hear even in her voice over the phone. She knows spirits like the back of her hand. She is 110% dedicated to working with and helping out producers, co-workers and customers. 


    tiina tuukkanen

    Tiina Tuukkanen

    Product Manager

    This burst of energy is called Tiina. With a smile, she takes the initiative, and has the termination to see the projects through in style. Tiina is one of the driving forces arranging fun Norex staff events. She is a colleague who you can always rely on. 


    veera moilanen

    Veera Moilanen

    Product Manager

      Veera has previously worked in customer service, that’s why one of her strengths is working with and for people. Veera is used to juggling many things at once, keeping things straight, but also the mood light. Veera has long been passionate about wine and food, channeling that passion now into her work.  


    Teresa Schultz

    Teresa Schultz

    Product Coordinator

      Teresa keeps our pack office running, our product information up to date and makes sure that deadlines are met. She has the skills to tackle big projects and concentrate on the smallest details. Her sunny disposition lights up the office.


    veronica setaro

    Veronica Setaro

    Product Coordinator

    Veronica’s work background is from the restaurant and wholesale world, so a passionate conversation about food and beverage topics is quite natural. Interested in other people, conscientious, and eager to develop, Veronica fits into our corporate culture like a glove!  



    Tomas Lönnberg is the CEO and represents the second generation in the family company history. He knows the alcohol business through and through. Our administration also covers very detailed and advanced reporting to our suppliers and HR makes sure the staff is happy, competent and motivated. 

    Tomas Lönnberg


    Tomas is taking his family’s company to the next level by feeling out new trends and by taking bold decions for the future. His heart and head are the business, and with both he is leading Norex towards new hights.    


    Tea Haaranen

    HR Specialist, Project Manager

    Tea has a calling for human resource management, she wants to help everyone where she can.  Tea makes sure we have the best possible place to work, constantly developing and improving our working conditions. If anyone needs it, she’s always ready to listen or to be an impartial problemsolver. She is also involved in several different development projects in the company.


    Jaakko Tuovinen

    Jaakko Tuovinen


    Jaakko is our data wiz. He will face-off any callenge and overcomes all numeric obstacles. He crunches out our internal and external reports, sorting data into easy to read, informative and kickass graphs and charts.


    Tiiu Tahvanainen

    Office Assistant

    Cheerful and lively Tiiu is a natural problem solver, deftly managing even large entities and keeping the threads in check in every situation.


    Leo Ahti

    Sustainability Specialist

     ”I help Norex achieve its ambitious sustainability goals and actively drive change towards more sustainable procurement, production and operating methods.”

    Leo is deeply passionate about responsibility, environmental matters and foodstuff, drawing experience from both the IT-sector and grocery industry. At the workplace, he consistently embodies qualities, such as empathy, analytical thinking and enthusiasm, all complimented by delightful sense of humor.



    Reliability in delivery is something we are proud of at Norex. To ensure that, we have a whole in-house team of logistics experts. We keep close eye on the forecasts and react quickly to changes.  

    Marianne Halme

    Marianne Halme

    Logistics Coordinator

    Marianne is a warm hearted customer service person, making sure that our customers get the best possible service and attention. She co-ordinates the outbound logistics to our HoReCa customers, finding best logistics solutions to fit any customer needs.


    helena isopahkala

    Helena Iso-Pahkala

    Logistics Manager

    Helena is our queen of logistics. She manages forecasts, orders and the movement of goods with uncanny foresight, keeping our stock levels up to perfection. Helena has an extensive knowledge of many things IT, helping administration with software updates. Her dedication to her work knows no bounds. 


    Matilda Frisk

    Logistics Coordinator

    Matilda is a bright and enthusiastic team player in Logistics, proficiently managing tasks with a smile even in challenging situations.



    We have a remarkably vast sales team and we cover the whole country of Finland. Even the most remote northern parts are covered by our sales expert who keeps side office in city of Oulu. Our sales team nurtures the client relations by consulting and training our customers to sell the products. Some might call it a lot of work, we call it A-class service. 

    Kaj Koskinen

    Sales Director, Restaurants

    Kaj is a super efficient number cruncher who can handle the complexities of the big picture. He spearheads our highly capable sales team, as well as manages our wholesale and travel retail customers.


    Petri Hovattala

    Petri Hovattala

    Key Account Manager

    Petri is a seasoned sales road warrior, the longest serving Norex employee. He knows all the old tricks, yet he’s still cooking up totally new ideas for more sales. Always ready with some whitty banter, his warmth engages customers and colleagues alike. His customer focus is on HoReCa accounts in several areas.


    mikko pietikäinen

    Mikko Pietikäinen

    Key Account Manager

    Mikko is our resident mixologist, his skills impress customers where ever he shakes. He can build a cocktail list for any outlet that needs one, and of cource add the best wines to the mix. Mikko is our ”Man of the North”, so his customer focus is on HoReCa accounts throughtout Eastern and Northern Finland. Mikko has his office in Oulu. 


    riina mäkinen

    Riina-Liisa Mäkinen

    Key Account Manager

    Riina lost her heart to the world of wine during her two decades working in the on-trade sector. She enjoys helping customers find new solutions, lovingly sharing her knowledge and passion for wines. Riina’s customer focus is on larger restaurant chains.


    jan-martin rossi

    Jan-Martin Rossi

    Key Account Manager, Sommelier

    Cheerful and customer-oriented Jan-Martin has worked in a variety of positions in the restaurant industry for about 15 years, and he is a familiar face in fine dining as well as beer restaurants. Of course, his passion in wines has also led him to sommelier’s position. Jan-Martin’s customers are located in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Pirkanmaa.


    Salla Sormunen

    Key Account Manager

    Salla is a warm people person, an energetic top professional. Her customer focus is on HoReCa accounts in various parts of Southern Finland. On top of her key accounts, she co-ordinates most of Norex’s events. All types of events from small local wine evenings to large trade shows.


    aatu ståhlhammar

    Aatu Ståhlhammar

    Key Account Manager, Brand Ambassador

    Aatu is a real professional in the restaurant industry with about 15 years of experience both in Finland and around the world, for example Australia. He is our key account manager as well as a brand ambassador who specializes in spirits. As a person Aatu is easily approachable and social. His customers are mostly located in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Turku and Tampere.


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